Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer's Deep Thoughts

1) The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is both the best and worse possible thing for the Democrats. The War gives Democrats a clear issue to use against Republicans, rightfully insisting that Republican leadership has only made matters worse for Israel and ourselves through direct involvement in their conflicts. Unfortunately for them, it creates a terrible conundrum for a political party that has had the foreign policy of the 'Peace and Freedom Party' since the end of the Vietnam War. Can the Democrats find a leader who would lead America to victory in this conflict, or will they again run a 'Surrender-Now!' candidate that will be rejected by every state not on the west coast or in New England?

2) Illegal Immigration is a winning issue for Republicans this year, but a big loser for citizens. Since the Democratic Party has adopted an Amnesty for All platforms for themselves, the Republicans can win the issue by merely requiring some form of payback or security is included in the final bill. The result will be a huge boon for plantation style businesses who employee illegal workers and ignore the federal and state regulations that were intended to protect the poor. Also winning here will be Republican AND Democratic Party bosses, who will each pick up votes from the disgruntled citizenry and the new voting block of Hispanics. The losers, no surprise, will be the illegal aliens made legal. Since, as I have previously documented, they largely want citizenship to gain access to federal benefits, their legalization or normalization will result in an increased cost to their employers, most of whom will lay them off and hire new illegal aliens or other normalized Hispanics who will forgoe those benefits. Also losing will be the working class of Americans, who will have even more competition at the none and low skilled positions, the youth of America, who will find it harder to find seasonal labor, and the retiree's, who will find their fixed incomes buy them less as inflation rises with the labor pool.

3) The Christian Right will again raise the banners against Gay Rights and Abortion this year, to probably little avail. The Democrats see the issue as costing them the last presidential election and the Conservatives are more concerned about the war than the liberal domestic agenda. Therefore, I see the issue being avoided by both parties at least until the next presidential election, at which time the Supreme Court nominating power will drive the fear-mongering by both sides of these issues. It is unfortunate that these issues have to be so passionately personal for people instead of being able to logically discuss them the way a Reagan would, "Government isn't the solution to problems, Government IS the problem."

4) Further evidence of the failure of Clinton Foreign Policy, which was really just Jimmy Carter foreign policy part duh, is the alignment of China against the United States of America. In spite of Most Favored Nation trade status, the Chinese continue to exercise hegemony over the Far East and threaten the peaceful nations of Japan and Taiwan. The Chinese have also been thwarting us in regards to reigning in Islamic Fundamentalists, who they view as useful in destabilizing the west and allowing their encroachment into the Pacific Rim and Indochina. The great danger for the Chinese is our removing their ability to steal what technology we have or a direct confrontation with the US over North Korea or Taiwan. They will use Iran and North Korea as proxies to weaken the United States while they further strengthen their position both domestically and abroad.

5) Victory through defeat continues to be the mantra of the Islamic Fundamentalists, who are now playing their game on the highest stage. How much longer the mainstream media will continue to play this up is unknown, but the images will have strength for some time in the Islamic world. Thus far they are foiling air power through the strategic placing of children near offensive weapons and other tactical/strategic targets, reducing their enemy’s ability to strike without fear of casualties. In essence, this defense forces the West to reduce their firepower in combat situations and thus increases their casualties in conflicts at virtually no cost to the terrorists themselves. Playing to the media and the world wide audience of modern media, the Islamic Fundamentalists enjoy acclaim even as they lob rockets into Israel. I wonder if Hitler could have pulled the same trick while launching rockets into London, I don't doubt that he tried.

6) At this point no strategy exists for countering the use of media compassion by Islamic Terrorists, but I have no doubt that contingencies are being drawn up. Whether the Israelis, or Americans for that matter, are interested in a return to the idea of Total War, that is war on both the Military and Civilian populations of an enemy country, or whether they will target members of the media and media installations themselves as being part of the enemy is doubtful. Nevertheless, it is currently the only logical direction either country can take towards victory. It remains to be seen if this would further alienate the world from the United States or Israel, or if the final results would be worth the horrendous loss of life.

7) I predict the Seattle Seahawks will go 12-4 this season (a similar prediction to last season I will remind you) with losses on the road in Chicago, St. Louis (I always pick them to lose there), Denver and Kansas City. Other tough games include the New York Giants at Home and the final game of the year at Tampa Bay, where both teams will most likely be playing for playoff positioning. As long as there are no serious injuries to Hasselbeck or Alexander, the team is largely intact and the Defense should improve, especially if Marshall remains as the Defensive Coordinator (or whatever they call the guy who calls the defensive plays during the game) with Ray Rhodes as his consultant. Their division remains weak, with Arizona having all the weapons but none of the core needed to win in the NFL and St Louis and San Francisco with work to do.