Sunday, September 11, 2005

Weak 1

4th Quarter
Seahawks ball 3-20 on Jacksonville 43 (9:22) -- M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete to D.Jackson

It seems so innocuous when thus listed in the game recap, but it was the point at which I lost hope for the Seahawks head coach for the 2005 season. Now, I need not remind you all that Holmgren has not had a long leash with me in the past, but this is definitely a new record in Clay calling for the end of the Holmgren era after just one week. What could possibly have occured on this obvious throw it in play?

How about Hasselbeck making an extrordinary effort to stay alive and get the ball 30 yards downfield while Darrell Jackson (formerly Sir-Drops-A-Lot) made an incredible diving-rolling-out-of-bounds catch to resurrect the stalled Seahawks drive! Except, that the line reads pass incomplete doesn't it? Well of course the officials saw it that way, this is the Seahawks after all, the team that occasionally has to be reminded that it is not their destiny to win this week.

Which is where Holmgren and Instant Replay come in. Being a fan, I watched this game from the comfort of a local sports bar. Being a fan, I watched the instant replay of what was supposed to be a nice effort and a clearly incomplete pass on the television set. When I suddenly realized the fox sports producer, surprisingly awake at this point of a Seahawks game, stopped the replay at a point that showed Jackson still in-bounds with the football cradled in his arms. Was it actually a catch? Are the Seahawks back in business? Will the wily Super Bowl winning head coach smugly throw his challenge flag to the field?

No. Apparently, the Seahawks can't afford the $28 a game it would cost to keep a fan in beer and breakfast on Sundays to let them know from time-to-time that they better review the last botched call. And yes, this is the same Holmgren that failed to call time out in the waning seconds of a Monday Night Football game (2004) to allow a replay official a chance to review a Keyshaun Johnson TD catch that wasn't. And yes, this is the same Holmgren who got his job because the previous head coach couldn't call an instant replay to review an obviously horrible call in a Jets-Seahawks game that kept Vinny Testaverde in hookers and booze.

Yes Seahawks fans, its another week of misery. Ominous storm clouds you say? That's just the Atlanta Falcons coming to town with an ass-whooping on their mind. We'll bounce back you say? I guess it is the only thing that keeps us all from waking up screaming... ignorant optimism.

Seahawks ball 3-9 on Seahawks 40 (7:18) -- M.Morris up the middle to SEA 40 for -2 yards

Great call coach... great call...