Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ya think!

“The boy’s pure dag-nasty evil!” the Obi Wan Kenobi look-alike proclaims.

“Uh-huh. Ya think?” a Mace Windu look-alike retorts sarcastically.

“Warned you we tried. Listened, you did not. Now %&^$#% we all shall be!” a Yoda look-alike exclaims.

This exchange, while innocent enough, reminds me always of issues the people have concerns over that their politicians ignore. Most recently, it is an example of the Republican Party and their dissolving support amongst voters. Some moron wrote a piece in the LA times proclaiming that the rising Hispanic voter population threw out republicans from California office for their support of Proposition 187 and all the Red Stater’s ran for the hills, proclaiming moderate stances on immigration. Sadly, the piece ignored the facts of the issues, and greatly distorted the facts, much to the conservative voter’s dismay.

The wisdom of Pete Wilson, not that I’ll proclaim that ever again, was to isolate and destroy a major California problem: illegal immigrants using state funded programs. Not only do they accelerate the demise of welfare programs by vastly increasing their use, but they also demolish the capability of public education. I oppose all of these programs anyways, and I think illegal immigrants merely accelerate the obvious resolution of these programs, by decreasing the period of time required to show how these programs fail. Nevertheless, their presence within the state was rapidly draining coffers for services such as Medical, Hospital Emergency Rooms, and Public Education. Knowing that this would force illegals out of the state, and thus, out of California’s hair, Pete Wilson supported this proposition and it passed by an overwhelming margin.

Then came the march of liberal ‘rights’ groups. Proving that they would support communist invaders, the ACLU took the proposition to court where they found some weed-smoking idiot (no doubt a Clinton appointee) to call the proposition ‘unconstitutional’ for targeting people who are not citizens.

Fast-forwarding to today, we find California bankrupt, with the lowest bond rating in the nation, without a solution to the problem of exponentially rising costs, and with no welcome solution to these problems. People throw boulders at the Governator for not working with a Legislature that only wants to raise taxes. People ignore the elephant in the room that is the education budget. People ignore the elephant in the room that is wall-to-wall labor union commercials. People ignore the elephant in the room that Wilson already solved this problem. People ignore that the Minutemen have been enormously successful in not just discouraging illegal immigration, but in providing intelligence about drug trafficking along the California-Mexico border.

So two neighboring governors have declared the border situation a disaster area, thus getting their hands on emergency funds to assist in the border counties’ needs. It will doubtless be only days (hours) before California follows suit. However, throwing money at this problem is not a solution, at least, not a solution for 20 years. Why can’t we just challenge the court’s ruling on prop 187? Why can’t we just kick these NON-citizens out of this country? Why can’t employers just hire felons? I mean, its not like the criminals in this nation wouldn’t work as hard as illegals do. Plus, they speak ENGLISH!!! I mean, these employers are ALREADY rewarding lawbreakers, why not give some second chances to our own lawless citizens?

So call me racist.

Call me ignorant.

Call me cruel.

Just know, that in the end, I am correct. The invasion of illegals will continue unless we do something to stop it. The invasion of illegals will continue until the rewards for emigrating are removed. The invasion will continue until their employers are severely reprimanded.

But what will they do? Where will they go?

Perhaps, just maybe, we could give them all shotguns as they return to Mexico, and then they can establish a lawful, constitutional Democracy in their own nation. Hell, I don’t care if they establish a flower-sniffing left-wing nut-job commune-living Socialist nation. Just stay the hell out of my country! While we welcome the dirty, poor, sick, and undesired into our country, there must be a process to their entrance. We must ensure for our own safety that those that emigrate here do not do harm to our people or society.

“Illegal immigration is pure dag-nasty evil!” The left-wing governor proclaimed.

“Uh huh. Ya think!” The long-suffering population replied.

“Warned you we tried. Listened, you did not. Now &$*&%@ we all are.” The right-wing blogger informed.

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