Thursday, July 07, 2005

Letter to a useless Senator

Dear Senator Boxer,

I recall with great clarity the beginning of your Senate career, dodging the House check-writing scandal to become a successful Senate candidate for California. I remember your commercials, how you promised California that you would get Japan and Germany to pay us for their defense. I remember laughing at it. How preposterous, that you would turn America into the great protection racketeer of the world. Nevertheless, you continue to confound me with your latest foreign policy blunders regarding Iraq, and I write you now to entreat you to shut up. I read your speech to the commonwealth club and your remarks in the San Francisco Chronicle. In your own words you continue to wring your hands regarding the war in Iraq: the loss of lives, the loss of the 'propaganda war', the failure to get Osama Bin Laden and the lack of a timetable.

First, I recognize that you are merely a politician; your words are carefully measured to impact the audience in a way so as to appeal to their own beliefs and ensure they donate a bunch of money to your campaign 'war chest.' I realize that you are a naïf when it comes to successful foreign policy, especially since there hasn't been much of it since the end of World War II. However, I think you should ask an aid to read you the casualty statistics for the wars America has been involved in. While you might be "distressed, angry and frustrated" over the mounting toll the war in Iraq has taken on our soldiers, our losses in Iraq are insignificant in comparison to those lost in previous conflicts. What are 2,000 dead in comparison to our losses in World War II? In comparison to Vietnam?

You have also bemoaned the loss of the 'propaganda war' in this speech. Have you looked into how we lost this supposed propaganda war? Have you noticed that your own colleagues, and indeed yourself, have provided aid and comfort to our enemies while seeking political gain? Perhaps if the ACLU was not out trying to gain privileges, normally reserved for American citizens, for enemy combatants, illegal aliens, indeed anyone save an American citizen, we could win this war on terror. Perhaps if you and the Democrats would stand behind the Commander-in-Chief and the soldiers for longer than it takes to get a photo-op, the terrorists would recognize that they were facing a strong and united America. Instead you stand up behind the surrender-now-crowd and score cheap political points with people who were going to vote for you anyway. Instead you turn your back on the nation and the soldiers who defend it to take shots at the President. You have second-guessed him, called him a liar, impugned his skills at leadership, and indeed told other nations to ignore him since he will be out of office soon, to the extent that our enemies are strengthened against us.

Finally, you derail any attempt to win the war on terror by your incessant demands as to the location of Osama Bin Laden. War isn't a complex game of Where's Waldo! Even if we captured Bin Laden, and put him on trial, and all that you hope for comes to pass, the war would go on. Al Qaeda isn't a World War II Germany, capture Hitler and everyone will surrender; they are a loose affiliation of religious madmen. You hope we "capture those responsible" for 9/11, the bombings in Madrid, and now the bombings in London. I don't. I hope we annihilate them. I hope we go out and kill every single terrorist and terrorist abettor out there. Simply because I know that if we captured them, the Democrats and the ACLU would ensure they were released or acquitted, so that they might get an edge in the next election. If we kill them all, then we certainly won’t have to worry about them attacking us, recruiting others, or training more terrorists to attack us. You also want a timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq. If that aide of yours is still blathering on and on about the thousands more Americans that have died in foreign conflicts than in Iraq, ask him to tell you about what happened after our timetable in Vietnam. You will learn that our enemies waited until we left, and then pounced on the poorly defended South Vietnamese and slaughtered them and as many Cambodians and Laotians as they could get their hands on. So no, a timetable is really a bad idea. Besides, shouldn’t you be asking former President Clinton for a timetable regarding our troops in Bosnia first?

In conclusion, I find that the biggest difference between you and the people you have sworn to represent is that your concern is what is best for your political future and ours is what is best for our future. Rather than try to win the war on terror, support the President, support the troops, and support legislation to keep America safer, you have chosen the terrorists. You choose more dead Americans as long as it makes the Republicans look bad. You choose political innuendo and cheap attacks over intelligent leadership and strong values. Your cheap attacks and constant badgering of the war effort is doing everything it can to lose the war in Iraq, when it has been nothing but a string of lopsided victories thus far. Your words of derision, doubt, and dishonor are doing everything they can to lose the propaganda war to Al Jazeera and a man hiding in a cave. Your constant cries of 'Where's Osama' do nothing but strengthen the resolve of the terrorists and make us seem weak in the eyes of the world. Thus I beg and plead, badger about health care all you want, decry the lack of education for illegal aliens, demand more liberals on the Supreme Court, indeed, push all the liberal/socialist legislation through Congress that you can, just stop talking about foreign policy. Unless you someday want your service to America honored in an al Qaeda museum, a la John Kerry in Vietnam, leave the war on terror to the people who want to win it.


Clayton Sears

My thanks to and for their contributions. This letter was sent on July 7th, 2005. If I get a response, I will post it as well.


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