Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Letter from a Useless Senator

You Arabs are just not worth it

Just a quick note regarding some mail I got a while ago. Senator Boxer took some time away from her Germany and Japan pay US for their Defense amendment and responded to the butt chewing I gave her in my published letter. I promised to post the whole letter, so in spite of my wish to keep this concise, I will allow you to bask in its glory.

Dear Mr. Sears:

Thank you for contacting me about the war
in Iraq. I appreciate hearing from you.

I recently traveled to Iraq and would like
to share my thoughts with you regarding my
experiences. Meeting with our nation's brave
service men and women was truly inspiring. I
admire and appreciate their courage, skill, and
devotion to duty. In order to best support our
troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, I voted for the
2005 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill
to get them the equipment and support they need.

However, my trip to Iraq confirmed my view
that the United States must set a timetable to
withdraw our forces. I agree with retired
Marine Corps General Gregory Newbold, one of the
prime planners of the war in Iraq, who proposes
that we set a goal for withdrawal. I believe
our long-term presence in Iraq is becoming

I recently joined with Senator Russell
Feingold (D-WI) in sponsoring a resolution
calling on the Bush Administration to provide
Congress with a timeframe for achieving its
military goals in Iraq and withdrawing U.S.
troops from Iraq. I believe that it is time
that the Administration disclose its plan for
Iraq so that we know what our mission is and how
we will accomplish it. It is time that we stop
fighting this war with no plan and no end in
Please know that for as long as our troops
remain in harm's way, I will continue to push
for an international effort to reduce the
hardship on our troops while increasing the pace
of training Iraqi Security Forces.

Once again, thank you for your letter and
for caring deeply about this critical matter.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Here Boxer performs the standard trick of quoting someone who probably disagrees with her, and using it as support for her weasel argument. There is a difference between a ‘goal for withdrawal’ and a ‘timetable’. For example, Ann Coulter famously opined that we should bomb Arab nations, kill Arab leaders, and convert Arabs to Christianity. That is a ‘goal for withdrawal,’ some measurable event which can be achieved. After they’re all Christian, we leave. As I remarked at length, a timetable is different for the precise reason that it only depends upon time. It’s like a prison sentence. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re still a despicable rapist after a 20-year sentence; you still get to go free. Thus a timetable implies that, whether we’re successful or not in Iraq, we’re going to go home. Was there a timetable for Dwight Eisenhower and the invasion of Europe? Did Ike have to get the job done by Christmas or come home? No. Ike also didn’t have the ACLU breathing down his neck for torture, but that is an entirely different issue.

Boxer also makes excellent use of the ‘Sherlock Holmes method’ of stating something woefully obvious. Our long-term presence in Iraq is counterproductive. Thanks Sherlock! Too bad she doesn’t realize her treasonous statements about the War in Iraq are also counterproductive. I will credit Boxer for responding quickly, and for thanking me for my thoughts, however, I like you doubt she even saw them. At least her taxpayer-funded staff is large enough to handle mean e-mails from right wing nut-jobs like myself in California. [Whoa, that was a lot of hyphens.] Not to mention she fails to identify any plan of her own that will succeed, she just wants the President to adopt her ideas and create a plan for her. I think Barbara Boxer should pay me a $200k salary as a consultant for her Senatorial seat, and I demand that she come up with the paperwork justifying my position and compensation.

Issues that I rose that Senator Boxer failed to respond to:

· USA as a World Protection Racket, extorting money from Germany and Japan

· The insignificant numbers of American casualties in the War on Terror or in Iraq

· The fact that the war has been an overwhelming success in every stage

· Her own role in the propaganda war, on the side of the enemy

· Any way to create a timetable or plan that wouldn’t result in catastrophic loss of life vis-à-vis Vietnam

· Whether or not she is actually going to shut up, however, I sadly believe she has implied that she will not

I conclude this post with a notion; not only do I have better support for my arguments, I think I write better letters then Senator Boxer.


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