Thursday, May 19, 2005

Exposing a Liberal

Dear Mr. Espo,

I suppose you are a special correspondent to the AP in that you don't fact check your plural nouns. Or perhaps you are special because you advance the lie (or myth if you prefer) that Republicans were behind the filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In either event, your fraud is about to be exposed before the world.

Your article Mr. Espo...

It is unfortunate that you didn't research the 1964 Civil Rights Act before you wrote this article, as I am sure you would have changed the details therein. Unfortunately, the AP is so rife with liberals that your editors did not catch your error either, almost certainly because they believe it is true. How sad.

This text notes quite prominently two very important facts:
1) Only Republican member of the Southern Bloc was Tower, from Texas.
2) Only one Republican participated in the filibuster against the Civil Rights Act, Tower from Texas.

Nevertheless, you wrote,” There was irony — as members of the caucus noted — since the historic civil rights legislation of a half-century ago was passed only after supporters overcame filibusters by conservative Southern Democrats and like-minded Republicans." There it is in plain text, 'filibusters by conservative Southern Democrats and Like-Minded Republicans.' Not Republican, or some whacko from Texas, but a plural noun that means more than one Republican. Do you think so highly of Tower that you counted him twice?

The truth is that you believe that all Republicans favored the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act, whatever their voting record, because you think we all parade around in white sheets all night long terrorizing blacks [African-Americans]. I note your use of adjectives for Democrats as being Southern and Conservative, both of which could be used to describe most Republican Senators these days. Your only adjective for Republicans is that they were like-minded, which must mean Conservative unless you believe Southern is a state of mind. I also note that since Democrats are regionally classified you infer that ALL Republicans opposed the Civil Rights Act. Had it not been for the Minority Republicans, there would have been no Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Republicans didn't obstruct the Act; they ensured its passage through the Senate.

From the very same source I have cited above, the one that indicates only Tower from Texas supported the filibuster, you will find that Republicans have voted for civil rights legislation 96% of the time. Democrats have supported it only 80% of the time. That is since 1933. So for over 80 years the Republicans have been blamed for opposing civil rights while the Democrats receive all the credit, in spite of the Democrat's own racial bigotry and opposition to civil rights legislation. Your only argument against the Republicans is that they allowed some of these segregationist Democrats to join their party. What you forget to mention is that the Republicans required them to leave all of that prejudice and racial bigotry behind.

How would you like some more Irony? How about the IRONY that Democratic Senator Robert Byrd is filibustering again. Again as in Robert Byrd filibustered THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964!!!! You don't need to drag long dead Republicans into this fight, you have A LIVING-BREATHING DEMOCRAT SENATOR who FILLIBUSTERED CIVIL RIGHTS and is FILLBUSTERING JUDGES NOW! Isn't that Ironic? I don't even have to dig up some poor sod that regrets his votes during the 60’s; there is Robert Byrd in the Senate today. The real IRONY is that in spite of his vote on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this Byrd guy has a host of skeletons in his closet to talk about. Who cares about the flotilla of pork he has stolen for West Virginia (burgeoning Metropolis that it is), this guy was in the Klu Klux Klan. He admits it! Quit trying to imagine a sheet over the head of John Ashcroft and recognize that Byrd admits to wearing it. I won't even touch his remarks about racial bigotry, simply because I wouldn't want my blog associated with the use of a word so filthy in the eyes of Black [African] Americans.

Why do I care so much about the letter 's'? I suppose it has to do with the existing bias against Republicans regarding race relations. Since conservatives oppose massive government handouts, we have been painted as racially insensitive (and worse). Nevertheless, when it comes to equality before the law, Republicans have been at the foreground. Richard Russell, Mendell Rivers, William Fulbright, Robert Byrd, Fritz Hollings and Al Gore Sr., all Democrats until their dying day (Well, Byrd's not dead yet) all opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Yes, Al Gore Sr. too.

Thank you for your time Mr. Espo, I appreciate your attempts to write intelligent news articles and your sensitivity to accuracy. While you might think this is much ado about nothing, if I called you a racist son-of-a-bitch, you might get upset too. In closing, I will therefore only call you what you are, a biased liberal, at least unconsciously so.



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