Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Corruption, thy name is Democrat

I was actually opposed to the California recall during its inception. I believe there were others like me, who had given up all hope for this state. Here in the People's Republic of California, where before Arnold there were no elected republicans above State Senator, it was One-party rule. Illegal immigration is not only allowed, there is a ridiculous policy that allows for those who have made it across the border to essentially work publicly, without fear of reprisals. The Federal Government taxes them. They know who they are, where they work, and what they do! And they do nothing! Nothing! During the boom years of the tech bubble in California, spending rose at an orgiastic rate. Democrats were tripping over themselves in their desire to spend more money. However, when the money dried up, they didn't cut back their programs, they came to the taxpayers wanting more money. So why did I not support the logical and necessary recall?

I had given up hope for this state. After all, the Democrats have already bought 60% of the state. Every election some lame bond proposition for school construction, clean water, or animal care comes up. It doesn't matter that it will cost the taxpayer TWICE the value of the bond to pay it off. $15,000,000,000 for school construction? No problem. You say it will cost over $30,000,000,000 to repay it? No big deal, I'm good for it. The people and the government seem to believe the same thing, that money grows on trees. Must be why I am supposed to be out hugging one right now.

I wanted them to raise taxes. I did. I wanted the Democrats to keep raising their taxes, screwing up worker's compensation, and increasing union pensions. I wanted them to come up with scheme after scheme after scheme. Driver's Licenses for illegals? Why not! Lets just grant them state-wide amnesty! We already have in practice! The more the Democrats talked and whined during the recall, the more important I realized getting them out of power is.

Hospitals close down. Schools are underfunded. Public Works are in decay. Why? Property taxes too low? Let's get rid of Prop 13! Lets tax the ultra-rich, after all, they are the MOST likely to declare residency in another state!

So why not vote out Davis? I wanted him to ROT! I wanted his administration to linger on in its death-agony. I wanted every Democrat in the government voted out of office. I would have preferred the state fall into anarchy and rebellion than replace just one Democrat and leave the rest. What can one Republican do? Go to the people? Who cares! The ACLU will just go to the judges! Arnold is a very charismatic individual, but he isn't going to draft legislation to fix the problems. All of his ideas will be ripped by the local newspapers and media outlets (READ: Democrat Accomplices). He might push them through. Some small changes will take place (unless the ACLU has its way!), but at the end of his term, the Governator will have to face the polls, and the people. Will they check the R box again?

Or will the Democrats return to one-party rule, with the votes bought and paid for with taxpayer dollars? 60% is more than enough to win the Governorship.