Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quick Shots

I think 'Celebrity Whining' needs to be a criminal offense punishable by up to 1 day in jail, with no fine. These people get away with murder!!!! I mean, literally get away with murder, simply because the amount of doubt required to acquit them is less than anyone else. Therefore, we need to hold them accountable to some laws, why not something that is nearly as annoying as them bumping off gold-diggers. (My apologies to all those who were rightly offended by that last statement...)

Barry Bonds is tired. Well, I bet you're tired too. I think I am a pretty entertaining guy. How come nobody watches me working (ha ha, I don't work...) and cheers? How come no owner wants to sign me up for his professional computer game players league? How come I don't get $20 million dollars a year to play games? Well, frankly, because I didn't work hard and I wasn't blessed with superior athletic ability. However, if I was making that kind of money and it was discovered that I was a BIG PHONY CHEATER, then I think I would hide my head in shame. I certainly wouldn't sit there like a petulant child pointing fingers at everyone else! It's your bed Barry, sleep in it!

Terry Schiavo. Man, what a tragedy. As depressing as the media coverage ON BOTH SIDES of this has been, her story is the truly sad one. I wish this happened to nobody, because it is a very tough place to put your loved ones in. I think everyone who feels passionately about this should have a Last Will and Testament written by or for him or her as soon as possible. Then get it notarized and you're all good. All I really have to say about this is starving her to death is as inhumane as you can get. What ever happened to "First, do no harm?" The ACLU (which stands up for the husbands rights in this case) wouldn't want the government to starve death row inmates. I mean, if she has to die, why can't they just give her a lethal injection or something? I totally find fault with anyone claiming it is a painless way for her to die. How can anyone know what she feels?

Science as God. Some of the most religious people I have met in my life were physicists. Physicists that are Orthodox Jews, Christians, etc, who spent their lifetime researching the far ends of the universe down to the smallest molecules. For everyone ready to anoint a Doctor as your final arbiter of right and wrong, I caution you. Science is not perfect, these people are human, and even a majority of them can be dead wrong. In my opinion (which means skip the rest of this sentence since my opinion is meaningless, right?) Science is the fastest growing cult on Earth! All someone has to say anymore is, "There was this study done by..." and the rest of their statement is considered by people to be fact. Theories are really good hypothesis that have been backed up by experimental data. They are also frequently changed. The Theory of the Atom has undergone wholesale changes since it's inception. Don't be so quick to accept Science as gospel; it might be as false as others feel the Holy Bible is.


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