Sunday, March 06, 2005

Garbage is Back!

I am pleased to discover that a new Garbage song (and video) are available on the internet! I have been a huge fan of past releases, and have been looking forward for some time for a new album. They have been around over ten years, and with only 4 albums out, they are a bit tough on the fanbase. The europeans are far luckier than us states-siders as the released singles with B-sides tend to get released there only, with us Americans stuck with expensive imports. At any rate I look forward to snatching up "Why Do You Love Me?" as soon as I can find it. They will be in concert here in LaLa land shortly, and I might be able to scratch up enough dollars to observe them again. It's truly an amazing experience, as Shirley Manson has fabulous stage presence, and the lads rock hard. With four albums released now, the concert should just blow the fans away. I hope.....

Interested parties should just google: Garbage + "Why Do You Love Me"

Tour info and more available at


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