Sunday, March 13, 2005

Air Conditioned Comfort

"The men who flew the missions against the WTC and Pentagon were not "cowards." That distinction properly belongs to the "firm-jawed lads" who delighted in flying stealth aircraft through the undefended airspace of Baghdad, dropping payload after payload of bombs on anyone unfortunate enough to be below – including tens of thousands of genuinely innocent civilians – while themselves incurring all the risk one might expect during a visit to the local video arcade. Still more, the word describes all those "fighting men and women" who sat at computer consoles aboard ships in the Persian Gulf, enjoying air-conditioned comfort while launching cruise missiles into neighborhoods filled with random human beings. Whatever else can be said of them, the men who struck on September 11 manifested the courage of their convictions, willingly expending their own lives in attaining their objectives." -Excerpt from Ward Churchill's "Some People Push Back"

Spoken just like a college professor, who will be hereafter referred to as simply Warp, for I can imagine no greater compliment to Mr. Winston Churchill than to never confuse his last name with this dolt. Where to begin with drivel such as this? I guess it isn't enough to be ignorant of whom you are speaking of, but to be ignorant of what you are speaking about as well.

Why does Warp not mention the invasion of Kuwait? The overwhelming majority of nations, including Arab states, which supported the operation? The fact that Saddam Hussein signed a cease-fire agreeing to sanctions if he failed to abide by it? The fact that Iraq then disobeyed the cease-fire agreement, triggering the sanctions from the UN? The fact that rather than bow to worldwide demands, Saddam grotesquely allowed his own people to die? Why did Saddam fail to use the BILLIONS of dollars in 'Oil-for-Anything-but-Food' money for his people? Why is his anger aimed more precisely at Presidents George Bush (both) than President Clinton, who oversaw the sanctions?


Warp is simply playing the left for fools. Why not? You have a vast untapped pool of guilt and frustration lying around with nothing to occupy it. Not even charitable gifts of enormous proportions to the very Islamic people who hate us are enough to satiate this guilt. [Tsunami Relief] So just run out and type up some outlandish story of how we were to blame for the attacks of September 11th after all! It's easier to fix the problems we created anyways, right? Just elect Democrats!

In spite of his long and distinguished military career, Warp appears to have gained little respect for those who fly jet aircraft. Perhaps he was disgruntled during his tour in the motor pool? I would submit as fact that flying any military jet is one of the most dangerous activities one can perform in a peace-time military. Fatal plane crashes occur with a great frequency in the military. This is due to the nature of a military organization: using high school graduates, who have been trained but are not experts, to maintain and service these vehicles. How many of you would trust an old grimy chief and 6 kids who don't even shave to disassemble and then reassemble your CAR before you went on a road trip? Imagine that you would die if even the slightest instrument failed during the trip?

Air-conditioned comfort while sitting at computer screens? I think in spite of Warp's Army career he has developed Marine-like derision of sailors. I can think of hundreds of sailors who died in that very "air conditioned comfort" screaming in agony. How many people want to burn to death? I am sure none of those aboard the USS Scorpion wanted to, but they did. How does being crushed under the pressure of the vast Atlantic Ocean sound? I've heard atheory that when a submarine's pressure hull finally succumbs to the weight of the millions of tons of water above it the entire atmosphere in the sub ignites. I guess it wouldn't matter since the bulkheads would crush you anyway. However, I have no doubt that the men aboard the USS Thresher had plenty of time to think about that death as their submarine fell helplessly to the bottom of the ocean. Hopefully, I don't have to remind you that those aboard the USS Cole had the opportunity to be blown up by a boat-bomb off the coast of Yemen in 1998. I assure you, having at one time been a sailor myself, those who died that day did not do so in "air conditioned comfort", they just died seconds before they got their breakfast. Nor do those hard working Americans deserve your derision, as they have just as little impact on our National Foreign Policy as most of us do. They are just the poor slobs who get paid less than $18000 a year in salary to "beat down the helpless".

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

The first line of the Declaration of Independence begins:

"The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,..."

I realize that having the attention span required to read AND comprehend that document is rare, however, just the first line tells you what you need to know. Our forefathers were not the Usama bin Ladens (UBL) of their day. These men represented the people in the colonies. Just as your congressmen represents you today. Whether you voted for the crook or not, they had the best interests of their constituents at heart. Who do these terrorists represent? Islam? Last I checked Islam is no nation, nor is it a colony, nor a state, nor a repressed minority. In fact, UBL doesn't even represent most of Islam. He preaches to a minority, and these poor fools are simply pawns in his game for greater glory. They sacrifice their sad existence on this planet for his power, in acts of murder and suicide. Both of these horrendous acts are strictly forbidden by the Koran.

The fact is that the Islamic East, with all its 'wonder' and 'mystery' is really a sad place to live. While Buddhists, Taoists, Islamists(?) and others have all brought their mysterious religions to the West, and been clamored over by the elites, the people there remain in abject poverty. Only a few control the wealth, oil or otherwise, while the many struggle to make ends meet. The truth of this conflict, in spite of Warp's warped belief that they have had enough of these Americans pushing us around, these people are simply fed up with their existence and looking for someone to blame. The real evil is found in the men (women) who channel this anger into aggression against innocents.

The greatest lesson in World War II was found early, and late. While the German's were certainly reviled around the world, the focus of Allied propaganda at the time was the Nazi government. Hitler, it has been taught for decades now (except to Warp), used the ANGER AND FRUSTRATION of the German people and channeled it against a minority. The results of this were Hitler's rise to power and the near genocide of European minorities, mostly Jews (6,000,000). [Note: Try counting to one million sometime and you can begin to grasp how truly horrible that number is. That would also just be a small number of deaths for Stalin or Mao.] While many German's recognized the danger in Hitler's ascendancy, they were powerless to stand in the way. Once Hitler was removed, the German's have been restored to their natural state, making great products and disdaining conflict.

Unfortunately, we failed to use the same object lesson against the Japanese (it was their government not their people), and our racist nation meted out a great deal of needless suffering and pain on their nation. [I know, I know, Pearl Harbor, Bataan Death march, Changi, Nanking, were horrible events and despicable as well. I guess what I am saying is that if it wasn't truly necessary, it doesn't make us any better to stoop to their level.] Once the government was removed and replaced with a Democratic (European style?) government, the Japanese would become well known for making great products and disdaining conflict.

Americans, in spite of our unearned 'bloodlust' characteristic, have actually been quite the peace loving producers. President Woodrow Wilson had to manipulate the Americans to get us into World War I. It was widely believed that President Roosevelt (FDR) would have found a way to get the US involved in World War II if Pearl Harbor had not happened. In fact, when Hitler declared war upon America, it granted FDR exactly what he so desperatly needed, an excuse to get more involved in Europe. When we are left alone, all we do is make things and disdain conflict. Isn't that why we always seem to have war protests whenever we are involved in some conflict? That is just our nature.

All I am trying to say is that left to their own devices, people are generally good and law abiding citizens who just want to get fair compensation for a hard days work, no matter where or who they may be. The great evil is those individuals who amass power and wealth and use it to manipulate others into evil behavior. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and UBL are not monsters. They are people. Evil people. They use the fears and hatreds of others to further their own diabolical plans. Why would any community allow this to happen? Wouldn't you call the police if there were a gang of hoodlums behaving in this manner? Why should the World Community allow it to happen?

In conclusion, the greatest example that this UBL character, his dupes like Warp, and the terrorists are false lies within a comparison to George Washington.

After the revolution, it has been said that General Washington was approached with an unusual proposition from his aids. Angry at the newly freed colonies' failure to pay the soldiers after the Revolutionary Army had won independence, the officers offered their support to eliminating the fledgling government and replacing it with a Monarchy, under King Washington I.

George Washington declined.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would however point out the resolve of "the enemy" to die for their convictions. No one can deny the effectiveness of a suicide attack. It was effective when Japan did it and it is still effective...


7:51 AM  
Blogger ca-dreamer said...

Effective? Sure, it effectively shortened the war. Japan's suicide attacks, whether they were Bonzai charges or kamikazis, only served to eliminate their supply of veteran soldiers. America used it's fighter aces as instructors in flight schools. Japan's fighter aces all wound up dead.

The same goes for these attacks. Since all your terrorists die after every attack, none ever become veterans or are able to go back to camp and instruct the next wave of terrorists. Thus they remain perpetually 'green', and are unable to vary or improve their methods.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ture, if the new terrorists were attacking soldiers and were somehow uniformed in a way that let you know who they were...

They could be anyone...

4:11 PM  
Blogger ca-dreamer said...

Uniformed or not it doesn't really matter. I understand your point in the dificulty of fighting a guerilla force, but a guerilla force in and of itself cannot win. It requires some organized military to support it. Besides, I was commenting on the futility of suicide attacks, not guerilla attacks. The use of roadside bombs is disconcerting, especially considering the standard 'ostrich' response of any military organization.

11:37 PM  

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